Arkady Ostritski, 1948 -

Arkady Ostritski was born in 1948 in Kishinev, Moldova, once part The USSR.

From an early age, he spent most of his time studying painting and drawing. At twenty years old he joined the famous Rapin Art Academy and graduated with distinction.

Once completing his studies, Arkady worked mainly on monumental painting as well as painting large frescos ordered by public institutions. During the same period, he was teaching young artists.

As the gates of the USSR opened, at the beginning of the 90's, Arkady left his country and since then he has traveled much throughout Europe, mainly France, his favorite, its streets, buildings, cafes and shops playing the main role in his work.

Arkady paints also the landscapes of Italy, England and other countries of classical Europe. In his paintings, one can sense the artist's great interest in architecture the special attention to details which emphasizes the authenticity, and composition of light and shade which echo the changes of the seasons of the year.

Arkady's work has been shown in one man and group shows all over the USSR, Europe, the USA and Japan.