Charles and Tom McKimson, (1914 - 1999, 1907 - 1998)

Tom McKimsonÕs animation career, along with brother Robert, began in 1928 at Walt Disney Studios. This duo eventually went to work at Harmon-Ising Studios, which at the time was producing cartoons for Warner Bros. TomÕs first screen credit was "ItÕs Got Me Again," released in 1932. Charles McKimsonÕs artistic talents in animation were first discovered in 1937, when he joined his brothers at Leon Schlesinger/Warner Bros. Studios. Charles first screen credit was titled "Land of the Midnight Fun," released in 1939. During the early 1940Õs, all three brothers were working full steam ahead on wartime cartoon projects. In 1941, Charles was drafted as a signal corps animator producing footage for the Armed Forces. Both Robert and Tom were involved in the production of training films, including the S.N.A.F.U. series. In 1947, Tom went on to Western Publishing as an art director and worked on Looney Tunes characters for comic books. After the war, Charles returned to Warner Bros. in 1946 for an eight-year stint in brother, RobertÕs unit. Charles left in 1954 to work alongside Tom at Western Publishing as an art director. Together they illustrated comic strips and coloring books of all the Looney Tunes characters. In 1963, Charles formed his own production company that creates movie titles and commercials, which are released through Pacific Title. Both Charles and Tom continue to work on animation art projects. Their latest creations include the McKimson Productions/Warner Bros. Sports Series.