Igor Medvedev

In the paintings of acclaimed California artist Igor Medvedev, the viewer is drawn into a world dominated by serene beauty, balance and order. Strong clean forms and dramatic use of light and shadow are the hallmark of his warm, expressive style. He is inspired by the Mediterranean light, ambience, and the sense of history. Rapidly disappearing towns and villages signal a loss of dialogue with the past and it is with this sense of urgency that Medvedev seeks to document his vision. His theme is ecology and the preservation of ancient cities. He travels extensively in Greece and Turkey and many of the places he paints are thousands of years old. He has found them destroyed by development and tourism. He said he has often heard the sound of bulldozing even as he is still painting. His richly textured surfaces are a surprise to the viewer and convey a sense of subtle balance and color. His unique compositions and subtle use of shadow, line and form evoke a timeless quality of images somehow familiar to us even though we may have never seen them before.