Misha Lenn, 1962 -

Misha "Michael" Lenn was born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia in 1962. He graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in graphics and advertising in 1984 from the prestigious Mukhina Vocational Art School.

At a very early age while studying music, he found that he had an inclination to draw. With his motherÕs support, he made the switch and has not looked back since.

After graduation, MishaÕs name was becoming very well known in Russia. His name was being associated with the most prestigious events - beauty pageants, music festivals, and ballroom competitions - in Russia. During this time he was participating in international events in Germany, Italy, and Findland.

Misha developed a very distinctive style of watercolors. His favorite motifs were still lifes and city scenes. He has been inspired by the patterning of Klimt, the verve of Renoir, the grace of Degas, the carelessness of Monet, and the vibrancy of Latrec. Impressionism permeates his work.

In 1990 he came to the United States and he quickly distinguished himself in the fields of fashion design (Donna Karan and Calvin Klein), and graphic design, and fine art. Among these clients there have been: New York Times magazine; Sony; Design Times magazine; the Boston Ballet; Prudential, MIT; Bloomingdales; WomenÕs Wear Daily. His portfolio also includes book illustrations literature (75 illustrations of novels of John Steinbeck) and cover spreads for major publishers, such as Houghton Mifflin and Heinle and Heinle.

He has received numerous awards in excellence, logo design and national competitions: American Graphic Design Award, 1995; Regional PRINT Magazine, 1995; Best of Business Card Design, 1996; Letterhead and Logo Design, 1997; Best of Watercolor, 1997; and, Watercolor Expressions, 1999.

He is quite generous when it comes to fund raising and charity work: where his works of art are auctioned off for a variety of causes. In the midst of all this success, however, he still finds time to instruct at Lasell College in fashion illustration - sharing all that he knows.