Nelson De La Nuez

Nelson De La Nuez has used his hands to create works of art that entertain and delight people throughout the world. He has used acrylics, watercolors, oils, pens, crayons and colored pencils, pastels, charcoals, and every type of paper and canvas. Upon creating collages, he found that he loved juxtaposing images that one would not expect to see occupying the same space. Since a young age, colors and the ways they affect people have intrigued Nelson. He has, therefore, explored the juxtaposition of colors as well, including how they influence peoplesŐ emotions.

De La Nuez studied art history at Boston University and in 1982 became quite taken with the Post and French Impressionist Period, particularly a piece by the artist Edward Manet, entitled "The Picnic." The image of three men fully dressed having a picnic with a naked woman struck him as odd and interesting. Through the art of collage, he began exploring the use of people and objects out of place with each other and their surroundings. He incorporated the works of the "masters," such as Van Gogh and Picasso and paid tribute to them through his humor. Nelson De La Nuez has a childlike quality with a glowing brilliance about him. He sees life as a backward ride on a ferris wheel while sitting in an enlightening philosophy course. When he isnŐt creating, he becomes restless. The art of creating is an outlet that releases any inner thoughts and demons. Casting the characters in each of his "performances" means creating new pieces of artwork for audiences to admire. He gains true joy out of seeing the process of laughter develop. The most unlikely people burst with laughter, some with a chuckle, a smirk that canŐt be suppressed. Still, a teenage girl may laugh with a deep understanding far beyond her years. Placing a large Nelson De La Nuez limited edition piece in the entryway of oneŐs house is a way of laughing at a world that can often take itself too seriously. The artist knows this.

He is creating a new generation of art lovers. They are children, who recognize images in the artistŐs work and pull their parents over to the bright, whimsical pieces of art. The parents explain further about Vincent Van Gogh and the other artists, as well as the imagery. The admiration for art has begun.

The innovative artist captivates people with his outlandish, hilariously juxtaposed art. He is constantly creating new, thought-provoking pieces, which can be seen on his website ( and at various galleries, shows and cruise ships throughout the country. The L.A. Times called De La Nuez "the comedic da Vinci of our times." His art is now published worldwide, available on everything from screensavers and puzzles to small, matted prints and large limited editions, which are signed, numbered and hand-embellished.

His sense of humor and ability to use these non-related images to achieve a whole new and stimulating outlook on life has brought him many awards and magazine covers. The artist continues to challenge himself to incorporate new and exciting things into his art and his style. He believes he is a success if his art inspires people to either think beyond the norm or to laugh on a difficult day.