Louis Robichaud

Born in Montreal, Louis Robichaud remodels in his own way the face of the cities and towns he paints by combining different elements gathered during his excursions and his research in archives. Beyond the realism and masterful composition showing us Louis Robichaud's virtuosity, his paintings convey an affection for the places they illustrate and invite us to discover them.

Louis Robichaud beckons us into his world, sometimes imaginary, sometimes real, and always full of light and nostalgia. These urban scenes composed with great meticulousness and an obvious concern for detail illustrate both present and past. Full of charm, his paintings emphasize the importance of the urban architectural heritage in the life of city dwellers and of their pride. The picturesqueness of these places and the spirit of the people are subtly brought out in the various shop windows, signs and inscriptions which animate the work. The human presence is therefore very real although no person is portrayed.