Cynthia Ruskin

Ruskin captures in her work a refined sensuality, timeless elegance and a longing for Romanticism. Her superior execution of line gives shape and breathes life into her subjects.

At first glance there is an aura of pretense, but what lies beneath is a search for perfection, and the essence of femininity, never raw or stylized but beautified.

Ruskin, a native New Yorker, began her artistic career as a mature artist training at both the Pratt Institute and later on at the Arts Students League under master instructors Peter Cox and Anthony Palumbo. Her life's experiences and training have honed her technical skills as a drafts person and observer. Her creativity is true magic.

She has exhibited widely across the United States. Ruskin recently signed an exclusive contract with Chedworth Publishing, Larchmont, NY. Limited Edition Serigraphs are planned for release in 1998.