David Schluss, 1943 -

Artist David Schluss, was born in 1943. He attended school in the ancient city of Jaffa, the historical seaport in central Israel, where according to the artist, he was captivated by the mystical walls of the city, its austere religion, historic churches and monasteries. It was during these early years in Israel that Schluss sensed his desire to paint. Unable to afford the necessary painting materials, the young artist began sketching with charcoal and cheap pencils. The development of his craft his main objective, a young Schluss gave these sketches away for free to anyone who showed interest in his work.

During his early 20's, Schluss and his family migrated to Montreal, Canada. In 1969, he enrolled in the renowned art school Ecole des Beaux Arts, and in 1971, he began to pursue a fine arts degree at the St. George William's Academy of Arts. In Montreal, Schluss and fellow graduates formed a Bohemian art association known as "Le Groupe Auto Didacte." The purpose of the group was to establish a shared philosophy and work environment from which inspiration could be drawn. His work during this period was influenced by the Russian surrealist Marc Chagall and drew reference from the biblical influences of his childhood. A period of personal difficulty for Schluss, critics during this period describe his works as "complex" and "haunting." The reviews from these early days brought Schluss's work to national attention, and thus, secured his prominent position in the art community.

In 1983, Schluss had opened an additional studio in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he continued to perfect his painting technique. Since then, Schluss travels back and forth from Florida to Tel Aviv for inspirations for his work. Using no brush or spatula, he paints with his fingers in effect "sculpting" the painting onto canvas. Schluss says, "I start with abstract. And figures emerge. With palm of my hand, I can get a play of light that I could never achieve with a brush."