Wendy and Kevin live to paint and paint to live. Their love of nature and great travels is evident in their lush landscapes. The path that appears in many of their oil paintings is a metaphor for the journey we all take down the road of life. The artist's strong positive faith is symbolized by the ever-present light, that bathes their paintings in warmth. The mystery that awaits us around the corner is to be met with anticipation and joy.

Wendy Schaefer/Miles and Kevin D. Miles are truly a unique husband and wife team, as well as internationally published collaborative painters. The radiant oil paintings of gardens have captivated art lovers throughout the world. Appreciative collectors rave about the quality of the light and the depth in this talented couples' vivid landscapes

Schaefer/Miles have exhibited their work at the Art Expo in New York and Chicago and the Art Expo in Las Vegas. They have received dozens of awards. The artists' have also participated in prestigious shows such as the Scottsdale Celebration of Fine Art, the Arts for the Parks National Landscape Competition, as well as shows in Carmel, Beaver Creek, Beverly Hills and La Jolla. Licensed reproductions of Schaefer/Miles paintings are available around the world in over forty countries.

With the support of their families and enthusiastic patrons, Wendy and Kevin have been able to establish their dream studio/gallery. The artists work out of several buildings on Wendy's family farm, which is nestled among the rolling hills of western Wisconsin near the Mississippi River. The converted buildings house the artists endeavors.

The artists' unique working arrangement has attracted a lot of attention. They have been featured extensively on talk shows and in the print media. Not many people could share a creative bond that is so personal, but to Wendy and Kevin, it's second nature.